Irrigation Installation Requirements

1. All water services with an irrigation system require installation of a Nassau County Department of Health approved double check valve assembly on the "house side" of the meter for total containment of the facility.

2. No connections may be made to the water service pipe on the "street side" of the meter and double check valve assembly.

3. If the water meter is in a building, a remote meter must be installed and the water service curb stop accessible before work commences on the irrigation system.

4. For the protection of the homeowner, a second Nassau County approved backflow prevention device is recommended at the beginning of the irrigation system. This device should be installed in a manner to facilitate testing and service.

5. A New York State Department of Health form 347, a Water District irrigation permit application, an installation site plan, and a $50.00 permit fee must be filed with the District before work commences.

6. The total containment double check valve assembly must be installed at a location directed by the District in accordance with District typical plans or a specific Nassau County approved engineering plan.

7. No irrigation system connection on a domestic water service may be greater than 1" in diameter.

8. No irrigation supply line may be connected inside a typical meter pit for a 1" or smaller service.

9. A rain sensor and a clock timer are required. The timer is to be set to follow Nassau County Water Conservation Ordinance 248A-1987.

10. An outside shutoff for the irrigation branch line must be made available to the Water District.

11. Backflow prevention devices are to be tested by a New York State certified tester upon installation and annually thereafter. The completed New York State Department of Health form 1013 must be filed with the District.

12. No water will become available to the irrigation system until the installation is inspected and approved by the Water District.

13. The District serves Locust Valley, Lattingtown, Matinecock and Mill Neck.

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